How does it work?
Pick your bouquet, fill in your recipient’s particulars, attach your personalized message and let us know your pick up or delivery date. Voila! We will curate your gorgeous bouquet for you.

Can I specify an exact time when I want to receive my flowers?
Unfortunately, we are unable offer this option at the moment. Our dispatch will schedule the delivery routes on a daily basis.

Where do the flowers come from?
Majority of our flowers are from Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. We care about the environment, and we are committed to conserving natural resources and supporting the people who help bring our flowers to you.

Why are your flowers cheap?
We cut the middlemen and passed the savings to you.

Can I set-up recurring home or office delivery?
We have various subscription options. Please visit our subscription page for more information.

How do I care for my flowers?
Please visit our Flower Care Guide for more information.

Why only Monday-Friday?
We believe to strike a work-play balance and weekends are the time we visit our farmers and curate new bouquets.

Where We Deliver?
At the moment, only self-collection option is available from our store in Tropicana Avenue. We are in the beta testing phase for selected zones in Klang Valley. Nevertheless, we are growing rapidly so check back often if your area is not within our delivery zone.

How do I get in touch with you?
You may contact us directly via the contact us form, Facebook message or Whatsapp. You may also visit us at our store at Tropicana Avenue, Petaling Jaya. We do not offer telephone support at the moment but will be introducing it very soon.

What if the recipient is not in?
Regretfully, we are only able to make one delivery attempt. If we are unable to locate the recipient, or authorized receiver, at the time of delivery, we may leave the flowers outside of the residence or with a nearby business or neighbor. If we do leave the flowers at a different nearby location, we will notify the recipient by phone or email.

What happens if I enter the incorrect delivery address?
You can e-mail us to amend the delivery address one day before the intended delivery date. However, in the event our dispatch has collected the bouquet, we can reschedule the delivery the next day with a minimal fee. Due to the perishable nature of your bouquet, we will cancel the order and no refunds will be provided in the event you do not reschedule the delivery the next day.

Do you offer same day delivery?
At the moment, we do offer same day delivery but only for a limited number of bouquets as our store is still in beta phase. Same day delivery is only available for orders before 11:30am on that particular day.

Can I buy or pay with a gift voucher?
Gift voucher is an alternative way of giving your recipients a freehand to determine the intended floral design and delivery date. You may purchase it by clicking on the gift card link. The voucher is redeemable during the checkout process.

Do you have a florist shop I can visit?
We are located within Terracotta Café & Boutique in Tropicana Avenue, Petaling Jaya. Feel free to visit us. Location map and address can be obtained via our contact us page.

Can I send my order anonymously?
The recipient will be only aware of the sender if you provide your name and details in the gift message during check out.

Who sent me flowers?
We comply with the Personal Data Protection Act. If the sender has chosen not to include their name or sending it anonymously, we will not reveal their identity without their permission. However, we are happy to contact the customer on your behalf to determine if they are agreeable to disclose their identity.

I have not received my order / my items are damaged. Who should I contact?
All urgent enquiries pertaining this should be directed within 24 hours to our e-mail via the contact us form. This includes order not received (include order number), missing/damaged items (please include photo evidence) or wrong item received (please include photo evidence). Make sure that you have also include your name and contact details. We will be in touch with you soon.