The Secret Petal curates every bouquet with passion and love by our artisan floral architects.

People and Product Oriented
We hope to provide excellent customer service by listening to amazing customers just like you. Your feedback will assist us in improving existing arrangements and creating gorgeous bouquets. We also ensure that our bouquets on website will not look completely different from the ones, you, or your loved one will receive.

Round Stunning Designer Bouquets
Stay on-trend as our flower architects curate every bouquet meticulously with passion and love. Every bouquet is designed using the best seasonal flowers from Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. We focus on roundly wrapped bouquets which are ready for top down photography. Our Instagram-worthy bouquets are complement any occasion; a surprise for your loved one, birthday, graduation, celebration, etc. Besides that, we also have the most beautiful bridal bouquet for you to walk down the aisle. For events, our flower architects are also able to seamlessly coordinate your décor into memorable experience.

Locally Sourced
We aim to use only flowers sourced locally unless the supply is insufficient. Our growers are mainly from Cameron Highlands with decades of experience, and some are even farms passed down over two or three generations.

Farm to Table
We are strong advocate of sustainable and eco-friendly farming. Our aim is to deliver freshly cut flowers to you yet reducing wastages. We strive to work with farms in Cameron Highlands that conform with Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP).

Transparent Pricing
We do not upsell with unnecessary gifts such as balloons, chocolates, teddy bears, wines, etc. We only sell gorgeous bouquets. Just choose your bouquet and opt for self-pickup (FOC) or delivery within designated zones with minimal fees.

Easy as ABC
Extremely straightforward and simple ordering. Choosing has infiltrated every aspect of our lives from the moment we wake up in the morning till we sleep. We understand that all of us are suffering from choice overload and we are here to solve your problem. There is also an adage that says when people have too many choices, they make bad. Therefore, our flower architects curate a special design on a weekly basis. Just decide the size, enter your billing and delivery details and make payment.

Responsibly Grown
We care about the environment, and we are committed to conserving natural resources and supporting the people who help bring our flowers to you. We also visit our growers in person to ensure top-notch quality and discuss when is the best times to put their seasonal flowers in your bouquet – and the optimum time to pick them.